Ayesha Noelle Coaching

“When I was seven years old, 
my biggest wish  was to be invisible.”

Hi, I'm Ayesha Noelle

Before bed, on Christmas, birthdays, you name it – I used all my wish moments on becoming invisible. (Unfortunately, that fancy Harry Potter cloak never came)

I then learned a hard lesson.  Trying to hide yourself won’t make you disappear, it only makes your happiness turn into dust. I rather be seen, show myself my life is worth living and not the merely existing BS trap. 

To be honest, it’s overlooked how easy and overwhelming it is to procrastinate your happiness and hide your true self. Yet, it’s so liberating to become visible and take up space unapologetically with purpose and courage.

Before I became
an Imposter Syndrome Coach . . .

... I felt like I was living a double life

From the outside I looked like someone who had it all together: I had a great education, started a business during my studies, got nominated for most entrepreneurial student, ambitious, social, and hard-working.  People described me as someone where things just seemingly go off so easily or naturally.

In the meantime:

  1.  People thought things were going so easy because I didn’t share my hardships. I believed I needed to do it on my own.
  2. Felt uncomfortable asking for help and receiving any feedback (positive or negative).
  3. I was constantly trying to prove myself, which only resulted in me feeling that my 100% was never enough.
  4. Labeled myself as not smart enough, even though I had multiple certifications, was a book hoarder, and got good grades in University.
  5. I either procrastinated or was overworked.
  6. I got obsessed with becoming successful and dedicated a lot of time to become better… which felt like an endless race.

... and I asked myself:
"Is chasing success worth it, if you can't enjoy it at the end?"

During my Applied Psychology studies, I thought of a shortcut to success. Instead of working as a bartender, I worked as a habit tracker* of CEO’s from top firms and athletes for 2 years.

But that wasn’t enough, so I did my thesis on ‘How educated women of color can reach top positions with psychology strategies’. Where I interviewed 40 board members, lawyers, doctors, managers, and entrepreneurs. Shockingly, 92% of these women thought they weren’t good enough. They believed their flaws and failures were due to them, but they couldn’t internalize their achievements.

I couldn’t believe my ears, these women were in positions I could only dream of and they couldn’t see how phenomenal they were.  That’s when I learned about the Imposter Phenomenon. 

It was an eyeopener, that what they experienced was precisely how I felt for the last 11 years. Fed up with feeling like a disappointment, dimming myself, and feeling paralyzed by my perfectionist tendencies…

I decided there and then that I wasn’t going to have a future like these women. It was time to get more energy out of my life, achieve my goals, AND celebrate myself.

* A human habit tracker is someone who analyzes habits and gives insights on them. I used to call 5 days a week. For 520 days I was casually talking to highly successful people and getting a personal look into their lives.

Quite frankly:

" I might wanted change, but I was scared shitless to change"

So I started with baby steps. Journaled and read books, articles, and interviews on Imposter Syndrome. 
And indulged myself in all the help I could get.


In just 6 months, I stopped playing small, left my 9-5 and went all in my business

After my studies, I worked as a projectleader. Still convinced that I needed more experience, a stable 9-5 and become older before I could persue my dreamjob (starting my own coachingbusiness).

Underestimated the impact of settling for a job lower than your potential. I became a moving plant, I barely took care of myself, was overwhelmed, and simply existed. 

I asked myself: “How long am I going to postpone what  I truly want?” 

What if it could be easy and fun? How would I then start today? For me, it meant starting meetups for women who experienced Imposter Syndrome. The meetups became a success and they wanted me to coach them.

A few months later I was able to leave my unfulfilling job and trust myself that I can make this coaching business work. I started going on more solo dates, picking up new adventures, starting my YouTube channel again, sharing my knowledge online, giving workshops, and creating healthy coping mechanisms.

Crazy, how a lot can happen in 6 months.

When I stopped procrastinating on becoming visible, life became easier and fun.

My meetups arised in January 2020. Got the idea on Thursday afternoon, posted a simple request on Instagram the same evening, and asked friends to share it. The next day I had already 7 people who were dedicated to showing up every Saturday morning.

I wanted to work internationally since I can remember. But it seemed unrealistic. When I let go of feeling like an imposter, perfectionism and silly excuses it suddenly became so simple. Within a few weeks I had my first international client. Interestingly enough, all my international clients approached me. Now I only work with international clients from Dubai to Schotland to USA.

What I procrastinated the most was doing the real inner work. I was surface leveled self-aware. Tackling Imposter Syndrome might have been a rocky road, but one of my most rewarding ones. Failure doesn’t trigger me anymore, I know exactly what to do and stay calm. I am confident about my expertise and try to bombard my knowledge to anyone who’s eager to listen.  Showing up unapologetically is effortless. The best part, I’m no longer shaming myself, I’m enjoying every bit of myself and the life I am creating.

The Official Bio +
Fun Facts.

Ayesha Noelle is an experienced Applied Psychologist, speaker and Imposter Syndrome coach. She uses exposure therapy and embodiment excercises as tools so her clients can master Imposter Syndrome and become confidently visible.

On Instagram, Ayesha has over 3800 followers and on YouTube 12700 subscribers.


After these facts, I can full heartedly say we’re past the strangerszone.

If you were a super-hero,
what powers would you have?

Giving women unlimited courage to embrace themselves fully,  show up authentically and unapologetically.

What's your study background?

BSc Applied Psychology. My friends would say I have a degree in visibility and courage.

WHAT’S YOUR guilty pleasure?

I could survive on a limited diet of hot water, frozen mango chunks and cookie dough. No sharesies.


Painting or drawing with a chai tea near. In another life, I would be Picasso’s painting bestie.


ENFP (the campaigner)


Don’t just do it, become it!