Let’s Crush Your…

Imposter Syndrome!

Ready to become unapologetically you and master online visibility?
a No BS-summary of my mission:

"Helping you remember who the f*ck you are: a badass, silent force, unapologetic educator or all of the above."

Hi There, I'm Ayesha Noelle !

Here’s a taste of what it feels like to work together

Have you ever had 10-30 tabs open? Let’s be honest – that’s kinda stressful and overwhelming. It’s hard to find the info you need, and therefore it’s hard to get things done. Imagine that someone closes all but the 2-3 most essential tabs.

Working together inside the Unapologetic Me program feels just like that.  All the pressure and weight disappear. Plus, you have clarity on what to do next. 

The fun part

3x Results from Unapologetic Me

You show up consistently and don't resort to procrastination and avoidance

The result = Easy to implement action plans, goal setting skills, systems & habits so you can actually get things done in your business

You let go of your limiting beliefs, are self compassionate and confident

The result = Magnetize ideal clients to you because they love your energy, resonate with your story & truth, and find so much value and help in your free content alone.

You have mastered Imposter Syndrome and live up to your full potential

The result = Create your dream business & life and feel unapologetically certain in your own identity and who you are.


Unapologetic Clients!

"you really cannot ignore Ayesha’s infectious energy, which ensured that at the end of each session I was extra motivated to get started with my goals! I've learned to choose for myself and trust that I have everything I can to do what I dream of 🙏🏽 I am very grateful that I was able to experience Ayesha as a coach and I will recommend her 100%!"
Emily R.

Why The Unapologetic Coachingstyle is Unique

As a black woman, I have different insights into certain culture blocks that have an impact on you as a person and how to tackle them. Giving you my unique lessons and methods I created and tested on myself and other women over the years.

There is a certain sweet spot between experience and book knowledge. With a Bachelors in Applied Psychology. You get access to scientific knowledge specific for Imposter Syndrome and self sabotaging behaviour.

Making sure you also get a space where someone is listening to your needs. Where you can freely talk without feeling judged.

With an unconvential way you’ll escape the comfortzone that keeps you stuck. Many entrepreneurs stay in a safemode where they can criticize themselves “Ugh, I did this wrong again, so stupid.” instead of providing practical feedback “If I use this tool it will safe me time”. 

Well, you’re in luck! I will give you simple tasks that will get you out of your own way before you know it.

Who says coaching is boring?!  Don’t get surprised when you catch yourself enjoying the sessions with among other things a dancebreak. 

Within Rapid-fire Ayesha Became Newsworthy

Picked up by the media, Ayesha got invited on national tv, radiostations, podcasts and online magazines.

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Come hang there!

I’m known for sharing fun, thought-provoking and energizing stories.