Curious what 6 months of consistent visibility and alignment can bring you?

Read the stories of women who took the leap and visualise your own Unapologetic journey


From keeping herself small to being unapologetically visible and taking up space.

From Procrastination
to Taking Action

Tangible results

 ✅ They’ve started their business after months of choice overload (so many passions that they didn’t know what to choose).

✅ They’ve started to believe that they are good enough to go after what they want

✅ They’ve been able to create small, easy and fun steps to make their big vision possible. 

✅ They’ve become visible online (starting lives, podcast interviews or simply creating posts)

✅ They’ve stopped overthinking every little step and taken action with fun

“You know how you’re struggling with somethings in your business and you don’t know it’s coming from something you’ve refused to address. That was the case for me… “


Read Baptista’s full story here:
“Ayesha is THE BEST at what she does!!!
She took me on a whole different LEVEL! It was like a JOURNEY to SELF for me. She made me LOVE what I saw about myself. She made me see it first, and then made me LOVE it!!! I was so emotional because it felt like “someone gets me”
Beyond this, I realized one thing that {probably} affected most parts of my life was “setting boundaries” arghh! You know how you’re struggling with a whole lot, and you just don’t know the root of it all {you may know the surface} this was the case for me. I never would have thought this was a “big deal” until we had that POWER-SESSION. Fast forward to now, I’m being INTENTIONAL, and LOVING IT!!!!
 I’m not perfect yet, I’m still struggling with some areas. But she’s helping me!!! And I can’t wait for more. But I can see me EVOLVE into a more “aware” woman. And I love this so much!!!
Oh and I LOVE how, even after the session, she sent me a whole COURSE-like breakdown, that I have added to my special email folder. I’ll keep referring to it, until I’m able to do this on my own.
THANK YOU SO MUCH AYESHA!!! You have no idea how much of a blessing YOU ARE!!!!!!!”
The Unique impact Unapologetic Me has
  1. They get taught how to selfcoach, so after this program you know how to gain awareness on your blind spots on your own.
  2. During the accountability session, they worked on something that they procrastinated on. (no more “I’ll do it tomorrow”)
  3. They received affirmations and meditations that helped them create clarity on the deep-rooted patterns in their subconscious. 
  4.  After every session they receive a detailed short summary ‘Feed Forward’ of the session. 

“Talking to you is giving me more confidence to put myself out there.”

“This is without a doubt the best investment I’ve made in a long time.”

“I felt comfortable being open and vulnerable which led to so many “AH HA” moments as to why I have struggled with identifying and expressing my emotions for so long.”

The wins they gained from Unapologetic Me
  1. They’ve started to prioritize rest after shaming resting for years and even denying themselves of sleep.
  2. They identify their emotions and express them freely.
  3. They gained more confidence to take up space.
  4. They put in the effort to make their life more fun and interesting 
From self criticism to self trust

“Ayesha is a great coach to work with. Both 1 on 1 and in a group, she knows how to put you at ease and you feel seen by her. It is really an art how she gives you the space to find your own voice by listening carefully and asking the right questions.

During the coaching process I went through a difficult period, but was determined to get the most out of it. Ayesha could switch very well and adapted her assignments to me in order to lower the threshold. I really liked this!

In addition, you really cannot ignore Ayesha’s infectious enthusiasm, which ensured that at the end of each session I was extra motivated to get started with my goals! I've learned to choose for myself and trust that I have everything I can to do what I dream of 🙏🏽 I am very grateful that I was able to experience Ayesha as a coach and I will recommend her 100%!"
Emily R.

But before their Unapologetic journey, they saw themselves as

 The Professional Procrastinator

 The Certified Imposter

 The Overwhelmed Overthinker

What made NOW the time for them to start?
  1. They were done with feeling like an Imposter and really wanted to break through Imposter Syndrome
  2. They knew that having someone hold them accountable would help them get out of feeling stuck and overwhelmed
  3. They knew that visibility and self-awareness were skills they needed to master.
  4. They were ready to start living up to their potential and progress to the next level.
From Imposter to
Confidently Visible

Before this client joined the Unapologetic me program she coached in a niche she had outgrown, worked with clients that were not the right fit and felt inadequate. She invested in multiple courses, read books and tried to get her hands on any advice she could get.

But in the end, she got overwhelmed. Stressed over her future and was stuck in comparison mode. Eventually, she even stopped coaching.

Together, we worked on cutting off the activities that drained her,  letting go of her limiting beliefs, taking up space online and offline, building her confidence to share her own knowledge and start a business that works for her while inserting more enjoyment in her life…

Today, she is a fulfilled coach who’s getting requests for her program due to being consistently visible and sharing her knowledge proudly online! She’s completely changed the way she sees herself and as a result, her life has transformed. Read a snippet of her recent results here:

Understanding they are NOT lazy, stupid or a dissapointment
  • They used to believe that they needed more knowledge before they could start. Yet, with every new certification they still didn’t feel they knew enough.
  • They used to think they were lazy, because perfectionism and fear of failure had them procrastinating. 
  • They felt like a disappointment because they knew they had it in them but whatever they did it was not  good enough
  • Now they realise they have all the tools within them, just needed a push and to truly believe it themselves.

It's Your Time To Visualise Now

✔️ What did you read that you related to?

✔️ In what ways are you settling, limiting or sabotaging yourself?

✔️Are you ready to get uncomfortable and to GROW?

✔️Are you willing to put the energy, fun and effort to go for what YOU want?

✔️ How would your next 6 months look like if you ALLOWED yourself to become UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU?

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