Ready to break free from
Imposter Syndrome?

No matter where you're at in your business, we all want to...
become confidently visible, achieve our biggest goals & wildest entrepreneurial dreams,
and create a life that is fun and energizing!

To do all this, we first need to master your skill of overcoming Imposter Syndrome.

 The Certified Imposter
 The Overwhelmed Overthinker
 The Professional Procrastinator

Ever thought: "Tomorrow I'm really going to do it?"

...whilst you know you're probably going to procrastinate it, until it's too late. If there's no deadline it becomes almost impossible to take the needed action.

✔️ You don’t understand why you keep on procrastinating and think that you’re lazy.

✔️ You believe that you need more knowledge or experience before you can start. Yet, with every new certification you still feel like you don’t know enough.

✔️ It feels uncomfortable to be a beginner or be bad at something.

One of the reasons it can be hard to start is: your thought patterns.

If you want to guess the thoughts of a person, look at the life they have manifested. That tells you everything.

"How dare she do that?! Who does she think she is?"

Most people have a sense of what is 'normal' or 'unrealistic'. Getting a degree in a study that has safe job opportunities feels 'normal'. But starting a business with something that comes easy to you? Or getting a career with your own knowledge (the one not learned from books)? Oh... that's too unrealistic. Or 'not normal'.

Yet there are people who do that. Who give TedTalks on their heartbreak. Or those who work only two days and make money with their blog on slow living.

Have you ever thought about what is 'normal' for you? Your parents and your environment played a role in this. You grew up in a society with certain ideas. But after that it's up to you: what is YOUR mindset about yourself? What are your wildest dreams? And... do you give yourself the opportunity to go after this?

If you do not investigate how you think about yourself and where your thoughts come from, you run the risk of subconsciously repeating patterns of others and imposing blocks on yourself.

Trying to be normal, instead of being Unapologetically YOU. As a result, you actually feel like an imposter, and overwhelmed trying to keep up with all the rules to fit in.  

Examples of 'imposter' thoughts

"I'll never be good enough"
It's either you do things perfectly or you feel like a failure. You can assume that one bad experience tells all about the future and therefore all similar situations will end the same.

"He thinks I'm dumb ,probably regrets hiring me"
You take your assumptions as facts. Jumping to conclusions without finding out the true reasons behind someone's actions and intentions.

✅ "It's my fault the meeting went poorly"
You feel highly responsible for anything bad happening, even sometimes for things that have nothing to do with you.

✅ "I'm going to F*ck this up & become unemployed"
You tend to overestimate the possibility a disaster can happen. Imagining everything that might go wrong. Due to your fixation on the worst-case scenario, you can magnify the importance of events and how awful they could be.

✅ "I was constantly stumbling on my words, I'm a bad speaker"
You focus on the negative, ignore or misinterpret positive aspects of the situation. When you have done a great job, you overthink it, downplay the positive comments from others ("I did an okay job, it wasn't that great") and hold on to the negative aspects (what can be better).

But not everyone stays feeling like an Imposter.
Some operate from an Unapologetic Energy:

This could be you...

Instead of seeing your ‘self’ as someone who needs to do things perfectly or holds almost impossible expectations of yourself that cripple you, you see your SELF as someone who enjoys life, has unshakable confidence and gets things done.

You know that the more energy you put into yourself, the better you are for yourself and others. You have no judgment about whether you are ‘good enough’ because you believe that you are inherently worthy. It doesn’t occur to you to talk negatively about yourself, because you know you are learning and growing. You don’t just dream about what you want, you go after it full-heartedly. You dare to be visible as your true self, which gets people hooked on you and invites them to reach out or invest in you. You don’t compete, you complete and compliment in your field.

That is Unapologetic Energy.
You will learn this in the coaching program.
A personalised program in which you’ll get in-depth insights into my years of knowledge, experience and interest in Imposter Syndrome, self-acceptance, healthy coping mechanisms and visibility. With the aim of changing your relationship with yourself.


“Talking to you is giving me more confidence to put myself out there.”

“This is without a doubt the best investment I’ve made in a long time.”

“I felt comfortable being open and vulnerable which led to so many “AH HA” moments as to why I have struggled with identifying and expressing my emotions for so long.”

Why I made this coaching program: selfacceptance

The relationship with my self wasn’t always good. About three years ago, I had a big identity crisis: recently graduated, had a small business and was newly engaged. All the things I looked forward to. Yet, I was so overwhelmed that I couldn’t appreciate the new life phases I was going in. “How am I going to make everything work, do I deserve all this?”

Sometimes everyone else is rooting for you, but you don’t know how to cheer for yourself.

Reflecting, coaching and affirmations: I love that. At various turning points in my life it grounded me and gave me clarity. When businesses failed. Moving out. New adventures. Painful goodbyes. Starting a new timeline. And of course an identity crisis.

For these moments, I created this coaching program ‘Unapologetic Me’. In times when everything is uncertain, you can hold on to YOU. 

That includes all the sides of yourself that you have hidden to ‘fit in’ or to NOT ‘be a burden’. Releasing the identity you might have taken on as a young child: “Stay humble and don’t ask for too much.” The inner child that felt unheard, unsafe and above all misunderstood.

If I could describe the coachingprogram in two words, it would be ‘self-acceptance’ and ‘confidence’. You’ll make time for yourself. Express what you want AND go after it. Listen to YOUR needs. Because if YOU can’t do that, nobody will do it for you. You are the only one who can dig and see so deeply into yourself. You are so valuable, there’s no competition. That’s what you’ll learn to see.

It could be different. You don't have to be your own limitation.


The coaching program that teaches you within 6 months to master imposter syndrome, become confidently visible, set goals that aren’t overwhelming but easy and fun, cut ties with the past, stand in your power, and choose a life that gives you energy. Plus, you get someone who supports you and cheers you on in the process.

Why this coaching program
is so unique
  1. You get taught how to selfcoach, so after this program you know how to gain awareness on your blind spots on your own.
  2. During the accountability session, you work on something that you procrastinated on. (no more “I’ll do it tomorrow”)
  3. Not being woo-woo but Psychology based ( I also have a BSc in Applied Psychology). We use exposure therapy and embodiment exercises.
  4. It is not only focused on your business but also on your personal life. Many have the misconception that imposter syndrome is only work-related but it is NOT.
  5. Being based on the OPIA theory approaching Imposter Syndrome as an identity problem rather than a capability problem.

"I'll never be good enough" or "I'm incapable, if I can't do it on my own"

Those are not facts. Those are opinions based on your relationship with yourself.
Do you dare to let them go? To shift your identity?
That is what changes your life.

At the end of the coaching program you'll have achieved this

1: You show up consistently and don't resort to procrastination and avoidance

We often confuse goal setting with being 'strict' on yourself. In fact, I believe the opposite is true: you have to be so passionate about your goals that you will show up for them with love, ease and fun.

2: You let go of your
limiting beliefs, are self compassionate and confident

Confidence is something you can learn. Our mind is powerful! Your own beliefs can make you feel like you can do whatever you please or hold you back. This time, you're going to be the one that truly helps you forward.

3: You have mastered imposter syndrome and live up to your full potential

During the coaching program you have said goodbye to the 'old' version of yourself: you have broken ties and patterns that no longer serve you. You are Unapologetically YOU.

become unapologetic now

Choose the best plan for you…

The 1:1 Program

*Unapologetic Me*

6-months program

4499 EU OR 6 X 750 EU

The Group Program

*Unapologetic Sisterhood*

6-months program

2999 EU OR 6 X 600 EU

"You took me from fear and scarcity to
confidence and abundance"

Is this coachingprogram right for you?

YES: if you're an (aspiring) coach, consultant, educator or content creator

You want to share your knowledge with confidence or already share your knowledge but still feel uncomfortable doing so. Learn to see how unique your knowledge is and package it in a way that makes you excited to share.

YES: if you procrastinate or overwork

You want someone to hold you accountable to your vision and take action easier with fun. This is also a great program if you struggle with holding onto your own deadlines and learn how to keep yourself motivated to start. Yet, know when to take rest.

YES: if you're an empath, but struggle with being compassionate to yourself

You overthink or can be perfectionistic, which makes your work thought through but also overwhelming. 90% of my clients were perfectionistic overthinkers and because of this coaching program they started to take productive rest and became kinder to themselves.

Who is Ayesha Noelle?

I help female entrepreneurs, like you, get unstuck and gain clarity on self-sabotaging patterns. Becoming visible in your own authentic way so your ideal clients come to you!

Because let’s face it: the hardest part about being in business for yourself is giving yourself permission to receive and take up space… Including tackling Imposter Syndrome.

I know that you have bigger fish to fry than worrying if you’re good enough  — like implementing your bucketlist of badass ideas and building a business you love.

When you bring the *right* coach into your corner, you get one step closer to compounding your impact.

“It (live session) felt easy, I’m proud of it…and received another live invitation.”

“I created some TikToks and now I am fully booked!!”

10 coaching requests in my DM’s. Things are going crazy I need an assistant!”

Ready to become confidently visible?

✔️Coaching sessions for imposter syndrome and visibility, worth €3750 

✔️Imposter Syndrome workbook & journal with the best insights that improve your relationship with yourself and others, worth €120 

✔️Meditations, exercises (self-work), feed forwards and client portal to strengthen your mindset and self-image, worth €1450